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What is this thing called coaching? 

In a nutshell, coaching is helping people figure out how to find answers to problems that will work for them. Contrary to giving advice where someone would share what worked for them and hope this works for the other person too (good luck with that!), coaching is a discovery journey to find out what works for that person and support them in achieving their goals in their own terms. It’s an inside out process to help the other person understand what’s truly important in their lives - their goals, values, dreams, and aspirations- and partner with them on their journey to truly achieve that goal. 

  • Coaching is like a mirror. Sometimes it’s hard for someone to see what is keeping them stuck, like limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, or expectations from others. Coaching offers a way to look inward and confront fears and insecurities.

  • Coaching is a sounding board. It provides a safe, trusting space to be vulnerable, and non-judgmental, and provide honest feedback so the individual can make choices for themselves.

  • Coaching is accountability. It’s like having the other person’s back, checking on them often so they can take ownership of their goals and decisions, and help ensure success. 

  • Coaching is present and future focused. It helps the individual move from a functional to optimal state. It’s tapping into their inner power and unleashing their genius so they can be more fulfilled both personally and professionally.

Sometimes people want to be coached because they want to be given some sort of formula or an app that magically solves the problem. What often happens in the coaching relationship is that you get to the root of what the person is struggling with and also learn what motivates them. The problem to solve may be in a totally different area like setting boundaries, balancing what to cultivate and what to let go, or prioritizing. Over time, the person understands where the resistance comes from as well as the limiting beliefs that are holding them back. 

A good coach will have a very positive impact on an individual’s well-being, sense of self, confidence, and strengths. At an organizational level, imagine the impact resulting from a coaching culture that supports individuals to discover their genius and potential, and has a ripple effect in all aspects of the business. It’s pure synergy!

Team Performance Coaching

Teams are expected to produce results. Team coaching aims to help  leaders answer two important questions: WHO am I? WHAT do I want? HOW do I want to show up? Getting to the bottom of these simple and yet complex questions will raise self-awareness and help leaders be more at the cause of their life rather than the effect. 

Empowering teams with the Power of Choice mindset increases engagement and satisfaction, which ultimately increases profitability and performance. 

Participants come away with life-changing personal discoveries.

Examples of topics to be explored in various group settings: 

•    Self Awareness
•    Goal Setting
•    Team Work & Staff Motivation
•    Work/ Life Harmony
•    Accountability
•    Business Improvement/ Development
•    Confidence
•    Communication
•    Change Initiatives
•    Core Energy Leadership

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Executive and Leadership Coaching

“Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.” Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric ‚Äč

Our approach is designed to assist our clients in raising their personal awareness and gain clarity on their current reality. With this new awareness we help our clients become even more focused on taking decisive action towards their goals with more energy and a positive mindset.

Our process is typically set up as a 6 month engagement in which our clients will move through 3 Phases:

Discovery Phase which includes a thorough exploration of their thought patterns, their current level of energy and attitude.  We will set goals for the engagement and assess leadership strengths and gaps as well as other areas for increasing potential. 

Development Phase which includes taking the data from the discovery session and implementing the strategies and action items that will lead to sustainable results, personal growth and continued success.

Mastery Phase which includes a comprehensive review and evaluation of what has changed for the individual. New thought patterns, improved energy and attitude are what create lasting and sustainable change.  With this new awareness, new habits and new thought patterns our clients embrace a new way of thinking and living. 

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Women in Leadership Coaching

When it comes to women leaders, they may face the same or different challenges than their male counterparts. Even though women represent more than half of the US labor force, there are many barriers to women's advancement, resulting in only 2 to 20% of leadership positions occupied by women.

With a coaching approach of compassion first, then compliance, women leaders tap into their strengths, values, hopes, dreams, and potential. By shaping an abundance and growth mindset, women can become more aware of who they truly are at their core, believe in themselves and their abilities, become more self-confident and solution-focused, and ready to embrace any challenge.

Coaching offers a non-judgmental, caring, trusting space where personal challenges are discussed, fears are confronted, and options are explored so women leaders can create the next phase in their life and experience lasting growth.

 Examples of topics to explore in a one-on-one setting:

• Self-Awareness                   • Gender bias, myths, and stereotypes
• Goal Setting                         • Perfectionism
• Work/ Life Harmony             • People Pleasing
• Self-Confidence                   • Imposter Syndrome
• Self-Care                             • Limiting beliefs
• Communication                   • Core Energy Leadership

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